San Francisco, USA - 48 Hours in SF


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Destination: San Francisco, USA. July 2016.

This beautiful City by the Bay is definitely an experience.  Like many other major cities, it’s divided by neighborhoods each with their own strong personality and characteristics.  We stayed in the Mission District and while it’s known to be “trendy” we actually found it to be more “hipsterish”.   With over priced coffee shops a plenty and various cuisine restaurants filling main street, you’re definitely in the heart of something.  After exploring the city a bit more, I think I would have preferred to stay in the Marina District and visit Mission, but none the less, it was fresh.  Two days is definitely not enough to explore the whole city but it’s a good start.

Where to Eat: You have to get dinner at Tadichs.  It’s actually the oldest restaurant in the country.  Primarily seafood but with steak options as well, this restaurant has a Peter Luger’s decor and feel.  Rustic wood trim and sectioned off areas give the place a historic feel.  Delarosa is a modern Italian Restaurant in the Marina District with great food and even better cocktails.  Continuing the Italian culture of family dining, the restaurant has long tables where guests take seats until the whole table is full.  The burrata bruschetta with honey and hazelnuts is to die for!  For a quick lunch head to the Mission District to Pica Pica.  This colorful Venezuelan joint is known for its Arepa sandwiches.  Grilled corn pockets are stuffed with your choice of meat, vegetables, and sauces; order at the counter, grab a number, and take a seat. Those buns are heaven and the Pulled Pork is to Die for.  But don’t die, just order seconds! Search Eatwith to see if someone is hosting at the time you’re there.  We had dinner with Chef Manville and loved it.  Bon Appetit!

What to Do: Take a walk in Muir Woods.  This boardwalk laid forest is beyond beautiful.  Trees touch the sky and chipmunks dance at your feet (That really happened!).  It’s actually unbelievable and maybe slightly romantic.  In the heart of the Mission District is the Secret Tiled Staircase.  This beautiful mosaic tiled staircase leads to a vantage point that overlooks the whole city.  To find it go to 1700 16th Avenue, 94122.  While you’re there, stroll down through Balmy Alley.  This block of art murals is so unique to the area.  When that’s all over and you need a good sweat, take a Hammer class at The Garage with some professional athletes.  This gym won’t disappoint.

Where to Stay: We found an awesome 1 bedroom Air BnB that we really loved.  Very Feng-shui, the open concept kitchen/living Room really made the space feel much larger than it actually it is.  With floor to ceiling windows and a balcony over looking the district, during the day the sun filled up the entire flat.  Next time though we’ll probably stay in the Marina District.  I think I liked that area more.