A City In a City - The Vatican



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Destination: Vatican City

What do we say about this country within a city? What words can we use to justly describe this place? 

The Vatican is a city state surrounded by Rome, the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church and I have to admit that when we planned our trip to Italy, the Vatican wasn’t high up on my list of must sees, mainly due to people telling us that crowds inside are crazy all the time and you get pushed and shoved through without being able to admire much. 

So imagine our surprise when we get there to discover that it was the total opposite, we were the last group for the day so other than us it was empty, like literally, they were closing doors behind us once we’d taken our time to view the majesty of each room, every turn more awe inspiring than the last!

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From tapestries entwined with gold, to life like sculptures and not forgetting the masterpiece that is the Sistine Chapel, housing frescos done by Perugino, Ghirlandaio & Botticelli as well as the ceiling Frescos depicting the last judgement by Michelangelo.

My advice for anyone visiting the Vatican is to go with a tour guide. There are hundreds of guides offering tours in a vast number of languages and they’re a fountain of knowledge for you to quench your thirst at. 

What we did intend to do and sadly missed out on was to climb up the spiral staircase inside St Peters Basilica, the architecture and views are supposed to leave one stunned. So please do give it a go if you’re heading there and we can read your travel hub reviews on it.