Dubrovnik, Croatia - Game of Thrones


Contributor  : Elise
Nationality   : Australian
Instagram    @elisejbutler
Age Group   : 19-30 yo
Gender         : Female
Trave Style   : All :)
Destination  : Dubrovnik, Croatia
Date              : Middle of July 2016 for 4 days and 3 nights

We went to many Island around Croatia and thought it was only fit to visit the capital city. Saw many amazing pictures lots of people said how amazing it is. 

Getting There:
We drove from Split which is about 3 hours away, however it is very easy to fly there. However you cant fly to Dubrovnik from Dubai. 

Local Knowledge:
Where Game of Thrones was filmed! 
Beautiful old city surrounded by the a giant wall which was built in the 13th centuary to protect to city. Stunning location on the cliff tops, reasonable prices, great food and amazing views.

Where to Stay:
We stayed at the Rixos Hotel which is just outside the main square/old town, because the old town is extremly busy and hotels are a lot smaller. However it was only about a 10 -15 minute walk. 

What To See & Do:
We did lots of walking around the old town as there is a lot to see. Dubrovnik’s old town is surrounded by defensive 2 kilometer wall and forts which you can walk around. The walls were built to protect the city in the 13th century. The views are amazing and there are many quant shops and cafes to visit. Another must do to get that perfect scenery shot is the Cable Car, which over looks the whole city. There are also many day boat tours out to different islands which is a great way to see the coast, do some snorkeling and swim in the clear blue waters. Driving around the coast is also another great way to see the city and we even drove to Montenegro. For all those Game of Thrones fans there are many tours as it was filmed in Dubrovnik

Where To Eat:
There are so many restaurants to choose from in the main square. The seafood is amazing, very fresh and cheap. 

Must Do:
Visit the old town, could differently spend a whole day there

Must See:
Scenary, panaromic view over the cliffs and old town

5 Word Travel:
Stunning scenary and delicious food