South Coast Sri Lanka - Beach Escape


Contributor : Felicity
Nationality  : British
Instagram   @felicity.stokes
Age Group  : 19-30 yo
Gender        : Female
Trave Style  : Leisure
Destination  : South Coast Sri Lanka (Welligama, Galle, Marissa) for 6 days.   September 2016

We wanted a location close to Dubai, which offered plenty of activities for a big friendship group.  Our priorities were beach, learning to surf and a fun party scene. We were also inspired by Fly Dubai's options and friends who had been before. 

Getting There:
Fly Dubai

Local Knowledge:
The spice, cinnamon originated in Sri Lanka.  We visited a cinnamon farm and were shown how to make Cinnamon by a local family. 

You will see fisherman fishing on tall stilts, above the ocean. This is a stunning view, especailly against the sunset. You are likely to find them along the Ahangama Beach area close to Weligama.

Where to Stay:
We stayed at Elsewhere Surf Camp - this is recommend if you are wanting to have a hippy style holiday and learning to surf is your highest priority! The owners are your surf teachers and are a great bunch of welcoming people. They also supply you with healthy breakfasts and dinners which are yummy! 

On the more luxury side, we stayed a couple of nights at the stunning Kahanda Kanda Boutique Hotel. The hotel is situated on a hill of a tea plantation. The views are breathtaking and you are well-immersed in the nature of Sri Lanka. Most of the villas have their own private pools and have really fantastic interiors. Our bathrooms were located completely outside! I highly recommend this hotel, it's spell-bounding!  

What To See & Do:
Surfing mostly! In the evenings we would indulge in amazing fresh seafood dinners and plenty of cocktails, beach parties by campfire. 

The hidden gem I would have to say is the Kahanda Kanda Boutique Hotel, I had never felt so calm, relaxed and disconnected from the world for just a couple of nights. It was heaven. 

Galle has a fort... I don't recommend planning to see the fort for a full day but to drop by for just a few hours to have a mooch around the town. 

Where To Eat:
We ate mostly from restaurants on the beach front in Weligama. The seafood is displayed on tables right next to the ocean, as you walk along the beach you are enticed by the large range of lobster, prawns, mahi mahi, and so much more! The fish goes straight from the sea - to the restaurant - to your plate. There's a great night life scene, but also gorgeous candle-lit, mellow places to talk on beach bags and sip on delicious cocktails.

Must Do:
Surf! There are beaches that suit all surfing levels, and fantastic teachers that are so friendly and warm and will most definitely become your friends! 

Always travel by tuk tuks - its the way to go! 

Must See:
The fisherman on stilts - wow - so beautiful against a sunset.

Number 1 Travel Tip:
Don't bother bringing anything but your comfy hippy clothes - its the perfect place to really get back to basics. For a girl living in Dubai, it is rare you ever go makeup free, I rarely opened my makeup bag. It was bliss! Nature through and through.

5 Word Travel:
Carefree - Active - Fun - Hippy - Friendly 

Excess Baggage:
A rashie if you are surfing - and take your yoga pants as well as, bikini bottoms are a nightmare.