Santorini, Greece - A Dream Come True


Contributor : Marijke
Nationality  : New Zealand
Instagram   @marijkevandillen
Age Group  : 19-30
Gender        : Female
Trave Style  : Leisure
Destination  : Oia Santorini, Greece
Date             : June 2016. 4 days



I had seen the beauty of Santorini portrayed in so many movies and images that I decided I had to see it for myself.

Getting there:

We flew there from Athens, a super short flight and easy to organize.

Where to Stay: 

We stayed in the budget friendly villas Marcos Rooms. Our room was traditional, with round ceilings and the beautiful white and blue colour scheme. Being an old establishment however meant that we had a hilariously small bathroom. Our host wouldn't let us leave for the day without eating her orange cake though, which was a treat.

What to do:

Our time in Oia was mostly spent exploring the village. There is an abundance of shops to look through, and we found a gorgeous pool side bar to spend the day at. And it goes without saying that the sunsets are perhaps the most beautiful moment you can have on the island. Just find a position early as it gets very crowded in the best photography spots.


We had so many incredible meals in Oia, but the stand out was our dinner at Floga. The staff were attentive, the seafood delicious and we were given complimentary wine, purely because the waiter wanted to know if we liked the new addition. We desperately wanted to go back but decided that we needed to spread our visits around the village.

Favorite must do:

My highlight in Oia was our trip down the cliff to Amoudi Bay. You pass through the tiny, charming port and swim over to the islet for an afternoon of cliff jumping. On the way back up we got a ride with the local mules, which was hilarious and a great story to add to our collection.

Favorite must see:

There's a lookout at the top of the village with an incredible view of the surrounding cliffs and ocean. When I walked up there, a local man was playing guitar and singing traditional Greek songs, which made the view even more heavenly.

Number 1 travel tip:

Be prepared for a lot of tourists in the peak season, it was busier than I expected. Also, the pathway stones can be slippery at times.

5 word travel:

Beauty - tranquility - friendliness - elegance - warmth