Koh Lanta, Thailand - Boat trip with Freedom Adventures


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Destination   : Koh Lanta, Thailand

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Boooaaaaat trip 

To the west of Thailand’s main land is the Andaman Sea – turquoise water, white sand beaches and the stunning Trang Islands. Whilst in Koh Lanta we were recommended ‘Freedom Adventures’ boat trips to explore the Trang islands on their ‘4 island’ tour. We had the best day. 

They offer hotel pick up which means you basically roll straight out of bed and onto the boat …. We’ve usually taken Long Tail boats on these trips but the Freedom Adventures boat was so much better!! The boat has a shaded spacious seating area that sits 20 but we had only 6.5 ( .5 = the cutest toddler) on our trip and they never take more than 12. There’s also a sun deck on top which is perfect for relaxing and sight seeing. 

I loved all the little features like the barrels of freshwater to wash off after you get out the sea, and the snacks and refreshments provided all day! Watermelon, pineapple and ice cold coca colas. 

The crew was super friendly and one guy even came into the water with us and showed us the best spots – we saw clownfish, millions of seargant major fish and a turtle!!!! 

There were so many fish at one spot that we could barely swim! They were so friendly and even posed for selfies  (check the pictures below). But my highlight has to be The Emerald Cave as it was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. You can see why it’s called the Emerald Cave – as you swim through the entire cave is dark apart from the sea which glows an illuminated turquouise – it’s incredible. When you swim through the cave you are rewarded with a beach of dreams – completely engulfed by tall cliffs dotted with jungle on all sides is a perfect white sand beach, with the clearest water I’ve ever seen. The small jungle behind the beach has huge leaves the size of me and trees 100ft tall – this place is insane, like something out of Jurassic Park. 

Thank you so much Freedom Adventures, we had the most incredible day – I’d definitely recommend this if you’re in Koh Lanta and if you’re not, it’s worth the trip. 

Billie x