Tokyo, Japan - Cherry Blossom Season


Contributor   : Sarah
Nationality    : Australian
Instagram      @travellinglikeanaquarius
Age                :  19 - 30
Gender           : Female
Travel Style    : Casual, luxury
Destination    : Japan Tokyo / Cherry Blossom Season
Date               : 04 July 2017- Shinjuku Gyoen


As I am a flight attendant I am only on layover for 24 hours at a time! I was lucky enought to get a trip at the same time as Cherry Blossom Season. You can explore alot in 24 hours! 

I decided to travel into Tokyo since we stay in the country town of Narita. I was looking for the beautiful and inspiring Cherry BLOSSOMS! Everyone has heard about them and it was my time to adventure out and find these beautys. I wanted to see for myself what everyone else is talking about since they are so famously beautiful. 

Getting There:

Catching the Train is the quickest and easiest way to get there.
Shinjuku Gyoen has three gates: Shinjuku Gate is a ten minute walk east from the "New South Exit" of JR Shinjuku Station or a five minute walk from Shinjuku Gyoenmae Station on the Marunouchi Subway Line.

Okido Gate is also a five minute walk from Shinjukugyoenmae Station on the Marunouchi Subway Line. 

Local Knowledge

Unique facts: 

  • Largest and most popular park in Tokyo 
  • Has a combination of three different gardens. The oldest garden is a tradional landscape 
  • garden, the two other gardens are French and English in style. 
  • Cherry Blossom viewing takes place late March and early april. 
  • Cherry blossom flowers are Japan's national flower, they stand for renewal and hope. 
  • There are 200 different varieties of cherry blossoms ( So they arn't always PINK) 

Where to stay:

Honestly, Since I am a flight attendant I can not disclose my hotel accomodation, also I did not stay in Tokyo and we change hotels frequently. 


I actually ate inside the Shinjuku train station at this "Ramen noodle" resturant. Shinjuku station is so popular and I was amused at how you could even go shopping down below. 

Favorite “Must See”:

The Cherry Blossoms of course! 

Number 1 Travel Tip: 

  • Pricing - 200 Japanese Yen for Adults, 50 for child
  • Get up earlier as it can get very busy!
  • Don't purchase a one way ticket. The crowds in the station are insanly busy.. buy a travel card. - Don't just stop at the first tree keep walking towards the back of the park. Basically dont follow the crowd ;)
  • Bring something to snack on, there is street food but its a huge park! Also pack water. 

5 Word Travel:

Tradional - Stunning - Relaxing - Calm - Peaceful