Khanom & Sichon, Thailand


Review of a year round travel destination in Thailand. Explore beautiful empty beaches and stunning waterfall. 




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30 - 40 years


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Destination: Khanom & Sichon, Thailand


I was looking for a beach destination close to Surat Thani city.

Getting There:

It's about 1 hour from Surat Thani by minivan. Costs are B100 one way. Surat Thani is easy to reach from Bangkok by plane, bus or train.

Local Knowledge:

There are only 2,000 pink dolphins in the world. In Khanom you have a big chance to see some!

Where To Stay:

Hallo Villa, 1000B a night for a beautiful bungalow with lots of privacy, a nice swimming pool and close to the beach. There are enough choises for all budgets in Khanom.

What To Do:

The best way to explore the area is to rent a motorbike and discover many empty and beautiful beaches, waterfalls and the local fisherman village.


Try different foods on the night market. Local specialties like massaman curry, papaya salad and sugarcane juice. Nice burgers, German and Italian food are also available!

Must Do:

Samet Chun waterfall. A beautiful waterfalls with many pools and a view over the palmtrees and ocean!

Must See:

Definitaly one of its empy beaches! Rent a bike and discover beautiful bays!

Number 1 Travel Tip:

Rent a motorbike, the area is difficult to explore by public transport.

5 Word Travel:

Authentic, quiet, beach, friendly locals

Excess Baggage:

Learn a couple Thai words to connect with the friendly locals, as people hardly speak english in this part of Thailand.