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Tosh is a photography nut, motorcycle enthusiast and a massive travel junkie. Tosh finds travel inspiration through social media and online blogs and hopes to pass on her own inspiring travel tales. Her photography tells a story from the places she visits and her blog adds the details.......must reads for any travel lover!



Social Links:
Instagram: @whereintheworldistosh

Travel Style:
Mostly solo travel

Never travels without:
A pen and notebook

Top of the travel wishlist:
To do a motorcycle tour through India OR visit Antarctica

Would go straight back to:
Norway, in a heartbeat! 

Most memorable travel moment:
Seeing the beautiful Azure Window in Malta literally a month before its collapse. I have a blown up framed picture of it at home =)


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Valletta, Malta
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The fortified city of Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage site.......the whole city.  A city that was built for knights that you can now explore by foot.