Kati & Dani - Life We Dare To Live


Their story began when as 16 years old secondary school students who suddenly fell in love and soon discovered their strongest passion - a love for exploring the world and seeing its natural and cultural pearls.

Katja and Daniel


Social Links:
Instagram: @lifewedaretolive
Web: www.lifewedaretolive.com

Travel Style: 
Long road trips, experiencing local cultures and habits, exotic destinations, discovering history

Never travels without:
Computer, camera, phone, gluten-free bread, passport, sunglasses, travel guides

Top of the travel wishlist:
Norway, Australia, Indochina

Would go straight back to:

Most memorable travel moment:
When in Rio de Janeiro meeting a lovely girl from Chile who soon became our travel friend. She already visited us in Slovenia and in a few days or so we will be travelling together across Morocco.


London- UK
Beyond Bread

Exploring the world of food on travel can be exciting. But it can be even more exciting when you've lived with celiac disease and you discover London's 100% gluten-free bakery, Beyond Bread. Whether you don't eat gluten due to mild intolerance or the more serious celiac disease, this is a bakery you will want to know about


Visiting Iceland in Winter

Many travellers feel that Winter isn't the time to visit the aptly named Iceland. However, during the colder months it takes on an astonishing beauty...........just be sure to rent a 4 wheel drive!


Zagreb - Croatia
Explore Zagreb's Christmas markets

Christmas is a magical time in many cities around the world. The markets in Zagreb have an incredible atmosphere with the lights, ice skating, mulled wine and festivities.


Klevevz - Slovenia
Slovenia's natural hot springs

In the heart of Slovenia are a set of geothermal springs - a hidden gem where you can bath in the clear water away from tourist crowds.


Katschberg - Austria
The Katschberg Advent Trail

A uniquely traditional white Christmas experience in the Austrian mountains. Definitely one to mark on the calendar for December travellers