Five Natural Ways To Prevent or Reduce Jet Lag

Published by Melanie from Desertswan

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As summer time approaches and trips to exciting destinations far and wide draw close, there is lots to plan: which clothes to pack, the new bikini you absolutely must buy, which hotel will you stay in, picking your favourite sites to see, beaches to explore. But there is one thing which we can never quite plan for; the dreaded jetlag. We all love to travel, but this is probably the one thing which gets to us all. It can be the bane of any holiday, or trip home for those living the expat life, so I spoke to Ayurvedic doctor, Dr Asha Jones, from the Dubai Herbal Treatment Centre, to find out some ways of kicking jetlag to the kerb. 

  • Stay Hydrated – Start drinking lots of warm water from several days before your travel so you are well hydrated by the time you fly. You can use ginger infused water hot or cold, by adding two inches of ginger in one litre of water. Avoid caffeine or tea on the day you travel as it causes dehydration. The more dehydrated you are, the more issues of fatigue and digestive problems you may encounter.  
  • Improve your Digestion – Eating healthy and easily digestible foods starting in the few days before travelling will help in terms of bloating, constipation and general fatigue. The better your body is when you arrive on the flight, the better equipped to handle the challenges of travel, it will be.
  • Thriphala tea remedy – Mix one teaspoon of thriphala powder in warm water with honey once or twice a day for good digestion, in the lead up to flying, and when you land. This is a great drink to have daily if you suffer with irregularity. You can also find ready mixed capsules from brands such as Pukka, if you need something easy to pack. 
  • Warm spice sleep remedy – Mix 2 grams of cinnamon or nutmeg powder in one glass of warm organic milk or in honey will naturally aid your sleep. Using Coconut oil massaged into the head or massaging coconut oil or sesame oil into the soles of the feet will also help.
  • Massage – If you feel tired and swollen, try to get a good massage as it improves your circulation, the organ functions and clears the fluid retention. For swollen ankles or feet, dipping your feet in warm salt water will help.

Happy holidaying! x