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The Travel Hub & Serengeti:

To help launch The Travel Hub website, Serengeti Eyewear has been kind enough to provide a number of their quality sunglasses to give away. Visit the submissions page on our website and make a travel review on any destination or travel experience you have had – its super quick & easy. Every week in July and August we will give away a pair of Serengeti sunglasses to someone who has made a review………its that simple! Submit a review now (if you have already submitted a review before July, you are already entered in the draw, but keep submitting to increase your chances!)

Serengeti Eyewear:

Why Serengeti lenses for travel: 

Travel can take you to some incredible destinations and hopefully, the bright sunny weather follows you there! But with bright blue skies come the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays. Being more and more “sun conscious” these days, everyone should pay more attention to protection for their eyes, so having polarized lenses that block out the most harmful UV light should be a major consideration when buying sunglasses. 

Serengeti lenses also make it much easier to see clearly even in bright conditions, whether that’s on a safari drive in South Africa, the reflection off the ski slopes in Austria or driving around in the blazing heat of the Dubai desert. Being able to see clearly means you wont miss those important moments.

Last, but not least, having sunglasses that actually look good! You can’t be posting those crucial travel photos if you’re not looking the part. Serengeti has a wide range of classic and current styles, with options to suit even the fussiest travel fashionista!

Serengeti Lens Technology

Serengeti make some of the highest quality lenses on the market. Designed to block the harshest blue light waves, Serengeti lenses reduce eye-strain and fatigue dramatically. Their unique “spectral control” enhances stunning colours and clearly defines objects even in bright light.
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Serengeti has pioneered Photochromic technology into their lenses. As the intensity of the light changes, from bright sunshine to overcast, your lenses will adapt, allowing your eye to stay relaxed. Learn more.

When conditions are especially glary, the Polarisation of Serengeti sunglasses act like mini-venetian blinds. The lenses adjust to allow in just the right amount of light, making them perfect for driving or activities around water. Learn more.