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"Dubai is a gateway for travel and flydubai connects to so many unique, inspiring destinations. The money I save on airfares with flydubai allows me to stretch my travel budget further, so I can keep visiting more and more incredible countries." - Andy Marty, Co-founder The Travel Hub.

 Bucharest, Romania - August 2017 with Fly Dubai, Andy Marty

Bucharest, Romania - August 2017 with Fly Dubai, Andy Marty


flydubai has become the ideal airline carrier for passionate travellers, connecting the Middle Eastern hub with some of the worlds more unique and interesting destinations! Whether you live in Dubai, using the Emirates as a transit point or looking to visit Dubai, flydubai now offers incredible deals to a growing number of countries. The route map shows the expanding network covered by flydubai.

 The ever expanding flight paths covered by Fly Dubai

The ever expanding flight paths covered by Fly Dubai

Flying With flydubai

flydubai is committed to making international travel more affordable by offering highly competitive rates and regular specials to their many destinations. Whilst keeping fares at a minimum, they continue to maintain high quality services, both in their economy and business class options.

  • Entertainment: TV shows, music, games and movie packages can be purchased in economy class or are complimentary in business class.
  • Meals: Depending on the length of the flight, light snacks or hot meals are available during the flight.
  • Duty Free Shopping: Browse through the Duty Free magazine to get great specials on gifts for family and friends.
  • Comfortable Seating: Designed by Recaro to provide maximal leg room, the economy class seats are specially contoured to your body. There is the option to select your preferred seat prior to your flight.
  • On Board Wifi: Whether needed for business, keeping in touch with family or simply checking ion on social media.........the option of on-board wifi allows you to stay connected!


flydubai now has flights to over 40 countries in Africa, Central Asia, Europe, Indian Subcontinent and The Middle East. The network is constantly expanding to cover new and exciting destinations - we look forward to keeping you updated as soon as new legs become available. The flydubai website has great information available for travelling to each destination and we also look forward to adding destination reviews as we tick places off our bucket list.

With so many great destinations to choose from, a great start will be to keep the flydubai promotions page handy on your browser (click to link). We will try to keep you updated best we can but to make sure you don't miss out, bookmark this page!

Be Inspired:

One of the best things about flydubai is the list of unique destinations options - once you start browsing their website, your travel wish list will immediately have a number of new additions! Conveniently, you can click straight through to check out the special fares available and start planning your next trip.

With the End break coming up, check out these Eid getaway ideas!

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Book Your Travel:

You can plan and purchase your trip with flydubai directly through the website. Scroll through the list of inspiring destinations or go directly to the city you know. 

In addition to the flights, you can plan your trip through flydubai with a number of services including:

  • Hotels
  • Car rental
  • Visa services
  • Travel Insurance
  • Loyalty rewards programme - OPEN

Italy Discovery Tours

Italy is appearing all across our Instagram feed at the moment - it is almost impossible not be inspired to visit this cultural hub of Europe.

Whether you are visiting for a couple of days or spending the Summer, Italy Discovery offers private tours in a range of destinations that will ensure you make the most of your valuable time and truly experience the best that their country has to offer. Take the stress out of sightseeing by allowing a private driver and licensed guide show you Italy the way the locals see it.

The Travel Hub & Italy Discovers:

When you book your next guided private tour with Italy Discovers Tours, use the promotional code "THETRAVELHUB5OFF" to receive a 5% discount on the price of your booking. We look forward to sharing more offers and exclusive deals from Italy Discovery Tours.

Diverse Destinations:

Mercato Restaurant Dubai

Real Italian market food - made with love

Mercato, in Dubai's trendy DIFC district, is a wonderful example of what we love at The Travel Hub - inspiring travel through experience. Mercato is real Italian market food, made fresh in the heart of the Middle East. The menu transports you to authentic Italian cuisine, with pizzas, pasta, salads and a selection from the fresh pastries from the bakery. If you have never been to Italy, walking in and dining at Mercato will be the entree that inspires you to book a summer vacation. If you have been fortunate enough to visit, then Mercato will be like reliving those incredible culinary memories.

You can enjoy the Italian experience by dining in Mercato's relaxed atmosphere, or have you meal delivered straight to your home or office via Deliveroo.


 Click to locate `Mercato Restaurant

Click to locate `Mercato Restaurant


Serengeti Eyewear

The Travel Hub & Serengeti:

To help launch The Travel Hub website, Serengeti Eyewear has been kind enough to provide a number of their quality sunglasses to give away. Visit the submissions page on our website and make a travel review on any destination or travel experience you have had – its super quick & easy. Every week in July and August we will give away a pair of Serengeti sunglasses to someone who has made a review………its that simple! Submit a review now (if you have already submitted a review before July, you are already entered in the draw, but keep submitting to increase your chances!)

Serengeti Eyewear:

Why Serengeti lenses for travel: 

Travel can take you to some incredible destinations and hopefully, the bright sunny weather follows you there! But with bright blue skies come the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays. Being more and more “sun conscious” these days, everyone should pay more attention to protection for their eyes, so having polarized lenses that block out the most harmful UV light should be a major consideration when buying sunglasses. 

Serengeti lenses also make it much easier to see clearly even in bright conditions, whether that’s on a safari drive in South Africa, the reflection off the ski slopes in Austria or driving around in the blazing heat of the Dubai desert. Being able to see clearly means you wont miss those important moments.

Last, but not least, having sunglasses that actually look good! You can’t be posting those crucial travel photos if you’re not looking the part. Serengeti has a wide range of classic and current styles, with options to suit even the fussiest travel fashionista!

Serengeti Lens Technology

Serengeti make some of the highest quality lenses on the market. Designed to block the harshest blue light waves, Serengeti lenses reduce eye-strain and fatigue dramatically. Their unique “spectral control” enhances stunning colours and clearly defines objects even in bright light.
Learn more

Serengeti has pioneered Photochromic technology into their lenses. As the intensity of the light changes, from bright sunshine to overcast, your lenses will adapt, allowing your eye to stay relaxed. Learn more.

When conditions are especially glary, the Polarisation of Serengeti sunglasses act like mini-venetian blinds. The lenses adjust to allow in just the right amount of light, making them perfect for driving or activities around water. Learn more.


Big Dogg Australia

The Big Dogg brand started as an idea between 3 close mates – a unique trucker hat with “Big Dogg” on the front that gained immediate demand. Now the iconic slogan has been seen all around the world and worn by some of the worlds most well known sports stars.

Follow Big Dog Australia on Instagram : @bigdoggaustralia

Big Dogg & Travel:

The style and range of clothing from Big Dogg Australia is perfect for travel, with a street wear range that suits the slopes of Switzerland, the bustle of New York and the beaches of Australia. 

Check out the range and order a hoodie for your next winter getaway! Shop here.

 Shop Big Dogg online now.........

Shop Big Dogg online now.........

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